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Tooo Big Already
4/8/2013 18:27

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Black Friday!
11/23/2012 11:42
Ermagerd Black Friday is always so insane! Everywhere you go is packed and traffic is insane. People wait in line for hours for $5 off an item... But you gotta admit you do it too. :) I wish that it really did start at midnight, though, instead of the stupid 8 pm doorbusters. We still need to keep Thanksgiving alive. A lot of people just go to go and don't even end up buying anything! It's just really fun to get out with everyone. :) Enjoy!!

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2012 Olympic Games! :)
7/28/2012 18:51
First of all, I totally want the British flats that are on the homepage ;D I love watching volleyball, gymnastics, track events, swimmig, and ping-pong! Everyone of those athletes are so stunning. It's incredble how devoted their lives are to the sport they play.It's unbelievable. And the opening ceremonies are magnificent! :)

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Ruby Red Lips
7/26/2012 21:22
OH MY GOODNESS I LOVE IT!! I love the Marilyn Monroe make-up look... The bedroom top lid eyeliner and the lips as red as blood. It can always ake you stand out, but not in the bad way. It makes you look so elegant, yet simple. The most beautiful photos are the black and white ones with just the red lipstick in color. Tyler Shields' girlfriend, the daughter of Clint Eastwood, Francesca, always has this look and has the best photos I've ever seen taken of her.

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Me in my cousin's wedding Saturday!(:
7/23/2012 15:38
Such a beautiful wedding. :)

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03/12/2014 14:53:02: <div><strong><span style=\"color: rgb(51, 102, 255);\">NEW CINTESTS..DESIGN, DIVA AND STORE CONTESTS...SUBMIT NOW!</span></strong></div>

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02/21/2014 11:11:16: <div><img width=\"60\" align=\"left\" height=\"60\" src=\"/uploads/fckupload_1392998844.jpg\" alt=\"\" />Hi FFGer\'s.  Hope everyone is keeping warm!  It\'s been a snowy winter in the Northeast!</div><div>I LOVE all your TRENDSETTER  POSTS...when I see a great photo or video I will share it with all my FFG friends and more!  I especially love when you put up your FFG designs and videos!  Keep Designing..you are AWESOME!</div>

02/06/2014 16:16:08: <div><img height=\"60\" width=\"60\" align=\"left\" src=\"/uploads/fckupload_1391721330.jpg\" alt=\"\" />Check out voting for Design Contest.  New Diva Challenge coming soon!</div>

01/15/2014 03:16:29: <div><img height=\"60\" width=\"60\" align=\"left\" src=\"/uploads/fckupload_1389757586.jpg\" alt=\"\" /> Thank you all for reporting the glitches!!  It should all be fixed within 24 hours or less!   :) N</div>