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update :P
1/27/2013 13:27
Hey guys! Long ime no see! Here are a few updates :)

My BFFL's bday (doesnt go to my school, but i have known her since i was 3) was on the 21st. i texted her bunches of happy bday vidos, texts and photos :)

My BFF's (go to my school, twins from germany (came to USA two years ago (they're really pretty!!!) ) bdays was on the 23rd. me and all my other friends embarassed (in a good way :)) them a lot. One of my friends brought bday balloons and made them wear it for the whole day. I brought a german chocolate party cake (it had rainbow sprinkles in it and on top, completed with confetti candles!) to first period (spanish) and the teacher helped me decorate the board with happy birthday random stuff in spanish and in english (we didn't know much german, but i looked it up and texted them a happy birthday german song and a few(tons!) pics :)). then in math, we made one of them (the pther wasn't in our math class) sit in the embarassing chair(you sit in a chair in front of the classroom and sit there while the rest of the class sings happy birthday to you) and kept saying to other people "its their birthday say happy birthday!" and put a sign on their backs that say "its my bday say happy bday to me!" but the sign didn't last long, tape doesnt stik to our uniforms :(

I think this guy likes me, he's really nice to me. I sit next to him in religion class and he always offers to get a bible, or put a bible back for me. When we had a test he offered to study to me. We always kinda joke around and are nice to each other. I kinda like him too. But one of my other BFF's likes him too...for a lot longer. the texts us in group messages when we talk about guys (my other friend is dating one :) ) we combine names of the person we like to get one name. example: sara and jake=jara or sake. so my friend does this a lot, and also we do pretend "life stories" with emojis. face date wedding family and if i tell anyone i kind (not a lot!) like the guy she will be crushed so im not telling ANYONE. before this guy my friends kept pestering me "do you like anybody?" and then when i said i didn't (it was true!) they paired me up with the grossest ugliest dorkiest guy in the school who [blocked]s in english and thinks anybody doesn't hear and doesnt say excuse me.... so i made up a guy...Will. He supposedly doesn't live here, i only saw him once, s yea. but thats over. so im glad. anyway, here's the bigger catch-the guy kinda has a gf...its not real, or serious. it's 6th grade :) they don't talk, or text. but on instagram, it will say I (heart) (the girls name) but they never socialize or anything. I do think that i might have a chance, though. so there's my boy drama :P nanny is getting married in may. and me and my BFFL (yea, the one whose bday is the 21st) are the only bridesmaids :) we are going dress shopping on feb. 2!!!!! so excited :) my nanny has no idea what color options, or anything for the dresses. me and my BFFL are helping her by selecting a few dresses that we love. here are a few dresses that i chose :)

Yea :) my fave is the first one. but i do love the second one!!!!

I have one more quetion. reccomend some good software programs so i can make a slideshow/video/anything like that? i am wanting to make a colum or video, maybe a slideshow. thanlks!!!

~Luv, Shaelynnluv

P.s. thanks for reading this long messga ;P

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Anyone else noticed the "Sweet Stuff" Charm????
12/15/2012 17:58
For the person who sent the most cafe items :D

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Read from bottom up :DD
12/14/2012 19:44
Dear Peaguses

our scientist & docters have been working very hard to answer whats
happening to your fairy friends and we have an idea of
what ails them so. it is a sickness called mystranasocid
we can provide a cure and after the dosage,we advise they go to
the hotsprings were there is pure healing waters after that then
the rest is bed rest and plenty of water. the elf have come across this
there first time here aswell. after doing all these thing they'll get
better in about a month or so.
send our regards

sincerely: aoura

--------------Original Message-----------------
From: Shaelynnluv
Date: December 5, 2012, 12:10 am
Subject: RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: Dear Noah,

Dear aura

We love our new home; the fairies, not so much. I think some sort of disease overcame them! They fly like they have a burden on their back, they are pale and grey, and their fairy vomit is not purple but it is green! What is happening to our dear friends?!?!

Please help the faires-PHTF

-The unicorns that are concerned of the faires
Original message:
Dear Peaguses

my apologize for the delay of comunication
paper work& and all. i hope you are enjoying where you are
living now. i would love to hear from you and keep in contact
with all the clans thank you
yours truly: auora
--------------Original Message-----------------
From: Shaelynnluv
Date: November 29, 2012, 2:00 am
Subject: RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: Dear Noah,

Dear auora

I speak for all the unicorns. I am Peaguses. The fairies are ecstatic to join us. Their fairy leader is Miss Kimberly Dawn. We are going to come on monday. Our grandma unicorn has passed into glitter. See a rainbow without red and that's us!

The unicorn speaker,

Original message:

dear unicorns

we are glad you like the pictures and please give our respects
to your grand mother unicorn. as for having the fairys acompany you
we are happy to welcome them as well and if there is anything your clans
require feel free to tell us. forgive me but may i Humbly ask as to the name of the unicorn i am Currently speaking to i need to write down your name
as the represenitive of the unicorn-clan. and we also nedd the represenitive of the fairy-clan as well if you dont mind. thank you

yours truly : aroura

--------------Original Message-----------------
From: Shaelynnluv
Date: November 25, 2012, 11:13 pm
Subject: RE: RE: RE: RE: Dear Noah,

Dear auto

The pictures are absolutely gorgeous! Us unicorns love sparkly rivers and large trees. All of our unicorns are ready to go except for great grandmother unicorn. She is going to die rather soon let, so we are going to remain here until she passes. Soon you will see a rainbow without red and that is our transportation. Oh! I forgot. The fairy clan is currently not with you. May we bring our fairy friends with us? Their kind is endangered so there are only 435 of them left. They love the pictures, they would like to come live with you as we'll in our forest. Thanks,

The unicorns

Original message:

dear unicorns

you may move in at any time you wish.we have plenty of room for all
of you.we will help with final expenses if thats what you wish for your
great grand mother i expect you might want to see a few
pictures of the forest so here are just some pics

at night in our most wooded area's

our less wooded area's

--------------Original Message-----------------
From: Shaelynnluv
Date: November 20, 2012, 11:59 pm
Subject: RE: RE: RE: Dear Noah,

Dear auora

The forest sounds lovely. When can we move in?? We have lots of stuff. And don't worry about our transportation-we travel by rainbow. There are exactly 567,899 of us unicorns. Great Grandma Unicorn is old and dying. Baby blue two was born two days ago. Thank you for your work.

Sincerely the unicorns

Original message:
Dear unicorns

we understand your concern.we have done much Negotiating
we have found you a a forest exactly 3miles from from the
elf's and an ocean away from the dragons
on behalf of everyone we would like to welcome you with open
minds & hearts
yours truly: Aurora
--------------Original Message-----------------
From: Shaelynnluv
Date: November 19, 2012, 12:02 am
Subject: RE: RE: Dear Noah,

Dear Aura

It feels so good that we were not the only ones forgotten. We would like to accept but we would like a price of land furthest away from the dragons (they eat us). But put us near elfs.

Sincerely, the unicorns

Original message:
Dear unicorns

the centaur clan has gotton your letter by mistake we and the
minister of mythical creaters would like to express our outrage.
many like your clan and mine were forgotten that day
the elf-clan,centaur-chan,gryphon-clan,dragon-clan and vairous other
clans would like to invite you to live with us in ysanvre.
together in harmony,because nobody should be forgotten

yours truly: princess Aurora of the centaur-clan
please contact us for further information

--------------Original Message-----------------
From: Shaelynnluv
Date: November 18, 2012, 4:45 pm
Subject: Dear Noah,

Dear Noah,

We could have sworn that you said the ark wasn't leaving till 5!


The Unicorns

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11/18/2012 15:58
I finished my last gym meet with a score of 28.9. I competed 3 events-tumble track, trampoline and floor-and got a medal for 4th place (my team). I also got a medal for tumble track. (9.8). We are starting a new season and I already have my back tuck on the springy floor/tramp, front hip circle on bars, cast to squat on jump to high bar, running front tuck on floor, roundoff 5 back hand springs, and my aerial!

My dog, Jake, died :(. He died the day after election day, some time between 9 and 12 am. He died in his sleep. Jake Meyers, you will be missed :(. He was 12 and 3 months. He was kind, warm and well-trained. We will never have a better Jake than you, Jakie.

I like a guy. (I hear you sighing!). Let's call him R. There are two girls. Let's call them Ma and Mu. And there's me, P. So we had a fire drill today during homeroom. Mu, Ma and R are not in my homeroom. Ma and R are in the same homeroom. So we had to sit down while lining up during the drill. And Ma and R were talking the whole time. I wasn't very jealous because Ma is very nice and she's not interested in boys at all. So then at recess Ma told me that R told her who he likes. And she said, "It's stupid that he likes her." So I know it's not me. I'm thinking it's either Ma or Mu? But then I asked Ma if the girl knows that R likes her. And Ma was all f[blocked]ered (is that the right word?) and said, "No. (I forget what else)" ma said that R would "skin her alive" if she told anyone. So. Here's Mu. Mu sits right in front of R in math. She is always fake-stealing his pencil case, talking to him, and he talks to her. So I think it could be Mu. But...Mu is a level 6 gymnast who did 13 pull-ups on presidential fitness day and 62 sit-ups. Mu has a boyfriend (who's "popular?" or at least hangs out with the "cool" guys and he is ugly but she likes him.) Ugh! I kind of wished he likes me. But I have 70-80 more years of living. I don't have to live it all now. But...i wish, i wish, i wish. *Sighs*.

My mom and dad are renewing their 25-year anniversary vows. I get to be a bridesmaid. *Sighs again*. That's the 3rd wedding that I'm going to be in. But here are the sites to the wedding which I am wearing stuff:

1st wedding (My brother Rob and Jaelle)-January 1st

Bridesmaid dress: in petal pink

Jaelle's dress:

2nd Wedding (My nanny's) March 25th

Her dress that she loved but when she went to go see it in the store she said the fabric was ugly and so was the dress:

My dress: in Italian Plum

3rd wedding (My mom and dad's 25 renewal vows) June 18 ?:

mom dress:

my dress: in champagne

Notice how all the dresses are from That's one of the only sites that have junior bridesmaid dresses that aren't hideous. Lol. So...yeah :). Lots of weddings !!!

So. I just had a sleepover wit my BFF (she doesn t go to my school anymore T.T (OMBAMA's FAULT!) .

And my brother is still with his hooker girlfriend And my friend got a bf! Kudos to her. I got a hundred on my social studies test and an eighty five on my math test. My report card came in the mail!!!



Spanish- A-

Social Studies-A+





:DDD Wanna talk? Mail me!!!

I will be holding a mini one-round today contest. An email will be sent out regarding the info!

~Luv Shaelynnluv

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Code for pictures
11/3/2012 13:55

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