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Olympics 2012 London
7/30/2012 15:41
I love Michael Phelps and Ryan Locthe the USA Swimmers.
i always watch the olympics
i wear red white and blue to watch them
i love all the sports

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Ruby Red Lipstick Review
7/27/2012 14:30
So the latest trend is Ruby Red LIpstick.
i dont wear makeup but i no alot about it.
The ruby red means you are feeling daring.
It basiclly matches everything.
So you can wear it with your little black dress.
Well there you go...

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Bubbly Skirts Review
7/24/2012 10:52
if they are colorful they will lookgood with a white tank-top
if they are neon use tan tanktops with some tan pumps umm i really dont wear those skirts alot but, they do look fabulous

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Rope Bracelets Review
5/31/2012 14:56
So the new topic on blahblahblog is rope bracelets.Rop bracelets can match with anything. They can go with a summer dressor they can go with your bikini. All are ways to dress up or dress down your outfit.You can make the homeade. You can buy the supplies needed at local craft stores

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Wild Watches
5/23/2012 19:06
Okay so the new topic on blahblahblog is wild watches, which kinda means NEON WATCHES. Neon watches go with a white top and blue jean skinny jeans. So now that you heard about neon watches lets tell about the perfect outfit. Okay the accessories of course will be the wild watches and maybe a necklace or two. Then add a white cami unberneath a bold yellow crop top. Then blue jean skinnies . Then you have a perfect outfit best outfits with wild watches:

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