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Puffy Coat
11/6/2012 20:23
When it comes to Fall/Winter fashion I love wearing my warm Puffy Coat!.

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Knitted Hat for Fall
10/3/2012 18:30

In Beverly Hills it is ok to wear the French tam during the Fall Season. It usually indicates you have been to Paris. On the other hand don't wear the tam in Pairs because it identifies you as a foreigner. It is considered tacky unless you are a super model or a movie star in which case you can
wear what you like! But the comfy and warm knitted hat is worn in Paris, it is considered a universal must-have for Fall fashion any year!

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High-Low Skirts
8/16/2012 17:58
Someone has been traveling and bringing their vacation home as FFG suggested! What? In the form of the high-low skirt.....a touch of
Spain! All we need are walk the runway!!

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Will return to set-up!
3/20/2012 17:18

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