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Coral Accents? A definete YES!!!!
5/8/2012 19:07
Summer is coming up and that means bright colors and lots of sunshine! As your skin tone gets tanner, coral is a fabulous choice with almost any skin tone. If you don't like the bright blues, greens, and yellows that are incorporated in summer clothing, go with a softer palette. Whites, shades of soft browns, and pinks are a great choice for summer. If you do choose this option, make sure your makeup is natural too (unless you pick whites, then you can go with light colors). Good luck with the summer/spring wardrobe!!!

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Polka Dots And Stripes?
5/7/2012 15:54
Everyone has a certain fashion they pull off best. Mine is NOT polka dots and stripes. But that doesn't mean you can't pull it of. As long as the colors don't clash horrible they can look awesome! If you think that style works on you, go for it!!!!

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Feather Fashion?
5/5/2012 15:36
Okay, so to make this clear for everyone out there who is over the age of 10 and STILL HAS FEATHERS in their hair. Feathers in the hair are not out but they are not in either. Don't misunderstand me. Feathers appear on everything these days and they look great!!! Feathers crimped into your hair-not so much. It was cool trend for kids in middle school and high school for a while but not anymore. Feather clip-ins are OKAY as a once in a while thing. But unless it is your signature (the thing you ALWAYS were that makes you unique) only wear clip-ins once in a while. Those feathers that the hairdresser puts in your hair? Word on the street is they're out.

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