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Sassy Sandals
6/8/2012 21:53
Do you want to be [blocked]y, sassy and Spectacular will if you do then buy some Sassy Sandals!!! Sassy sandals are especially in style. They are co-
mfortable, stylish, and easy to ware. They can be used as a [blocked]y professional worker, a sassy casual lady, or even a spectacular sassy dressy l-
ady! I just bought a pair of Sassy Sandals which I am wearing right now! They are gray with diamonds with a zipper in the back (easy zipper)
So you can have a pair like this so lets hurry and see if their in stock! If u want some more info or want to chat about this send me a friend request
and you can send me an email and we can chat. You know my modo " If you gotta talk precious, perfect and like a gift you got purpleprincess1818
on your side."

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6/5/2012 17:42
Hey everyone rompers are now if hip style!!! I luv rompers I never had one before but my sisters have a lot!! I wish they had rompers on ffg bec-
ause then my favourite designers can design them and then I can add them in my store! Wouldn't that be awesome??? I think that would be, so
next time if you want to buy some clothes have rompers in mind!

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Rope bracelets
5/30/2012 16:44
Hey everyone get in the spirit dont be like the grinch be like Taylor Swift or Selena Gomez I used that example because they are so nice.
Anyways we shouldnt be like the grinch and not get into the rope bracelet spirit and not make one for a special person (includes yourself)
Have fun and make out you can make it any colour you want blue, gree, yell, pink, purple, or rainbow and more you just have to find the string.
So let├Ęs all make one in your mind or in reality and cheer someone up just like Taylor Swift or Selena Gomez. Go rope bracelets go!

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Sassy Pajama Shorts
5/24/2012 17:25
Hey everyone sassy pajama shorts are the new big thing. I luv how now we have sassy pajama shorts. They are so comfortable.

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My first bff on FFG
5/23/2012 21:23
Thanks to msclassy who just sent me a friend request. U r my first friend. Thanks msclassy u r a great person

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03/12/2014 14:53:02: <div><strong><span style=\"color: rgb(51, 102, 255);\">NEW CINTESTS..DESIGN, DIVA AND STORE CONTESTS...SUBMIT NOW!</span></strong></div>

03/11/2014 16:45:03: <div><img width=\"60\" align=\"left\" height=\"60\" src=\"/uploads/fckupload_1394570401.jpg\" alt=\"\" />Please DO NOT use the trendsetter feed or anyplace in FFG for prejudice comments or photo\'s. You will be suspended!  We recently deleted one and this FFG user better not do it again!!</div><div>Be nice to your FFG friends.  This is a place for clean fun only!!  </div>

02/21/2014 11:11:16: <div><img width=\"60\" align=\"left\" height=\"60\" src=\"/uploads/fckupload_1392998844.jpg\" alt=\"\" />Hi FFGer\'s.  Hope everyone is keeping warm!  It\'s been a snowy winter in the Northeast!</div><div>I LOVE all your TRENDSETTER  POSTS...when I see a great photo or video I will share it with all my FFG friends and more!  I especially love when you put up your FFG designs and videos!  Keep Designing..you are AWESOME!</div>

02/06/2014 16:16:08: <div><img height=\"60\" width=\"60\" align=\"left\" src=\"/uploads/fckupload_1391721330.jpg\" alt=\"\" />Check out voting for Design Contest.  New Diva Challenge coming soon!</div>

01/15/2014 03:16:29: <div><img height=\"60\" width=\"60\" align=\"left\" src=\"/uploads/fckupload_1389757586.jpg\" alt=\"\" /> Thank you all for reporting the glitches!!  It should all be fixed within 24 hours or less!   :) N</div>