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Sad :(
6/18/2012 15:23
No one has bought anything from my store! I haven't sold any designs, I should probably work on that, but its hard, it's not like when ur a designer and you can invite any store owner to your showroom, the only ppl I can invite to my store are my friends, and I only have 10 :(. Sometimes I think I shouldn't invite ppl to my store cause I don't have enough inventory, but I can't keep buying and buying stuff if no one ever comes and buys them!

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Fathers Day!
6/17/2012 13:00
Happy fathers day! And a Happy birthday to my amazing friend who I dont think I can name out! Cause I dont know if she cares or not! Anyway, back to fathers day, I dont know what a lot of people are doing for fathers day but my dad just like wants to cook ribs, and cook breakfast, but he loves to cook to I guess it's okay. We have this cabin in Nevada City so I'm making him a sign for his shed it's gonna say like on one side "Gone Fishing" then u can like close it and it will say "Dad's Fix-it Shop" so yeah I dont know why but I just felt like sending something about Fathers day!

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6/15/2012 21:33
Hey I have a question, is it possible to delete an account? Cause I have this one account that I need to delete cause I need to validate my email
account but it is using mine!

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Need CHEAP Items for my Store!!!!!!
6/15/2012 21:28
Hiya, so I need WAY more items for my store so if you have like really cheap items in your showroom plz email me!!!!! By cheap I mean under 50
dollars!!!! Yeah I kno, its sad, but right now it's all I can afford!!!!!

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OMG Broke!
6/15/2012 20:44
omg! I am so broke!!!! Uhg,its really annoying, I'm new so it's kinda hard to make a lot of money all at once, okay, by new I mean this is a new account. I
I have a pretty successful design account, by successful I mean I have like 6,000 fbz, but not a lot of ppl know me cause I said I was under 13 so I can't send emails or anything so I'm like dead silent. Anyway, if you're friends with penguinlover391 plzzzzzzz friend me!

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 Status History 

03/10/2015 22:00:36: <div><span style=\"font-size: medium;\">Hi All</span></div><div><span style=\"font-size: medium;\">Many of you have written to me, Lucky Ganz, asking me to keep FFG</span> <span style=\"font-size: large;\">up and running.  For those who want to help please keep designing and buying and selling and of course chatting with your buddies. I will soon do an email blast to the many players who have been on FFG over the years. If you would like to help</span> <span style=\"background-color: rgb(255, 255, 255);\"><span style=\"font-size: large;\">then send me an email to my in-game username, luckyganz</span></span>.. <span style=\"font-size: large;\">:) N</span></div><div>  </div>

02/07/2015 19:07:58: <div>EVERYDAY CHECK NEW ITEMS.  LOTS OF COOL DESIGNS FOR ALL PLAYERS.</div><div>I (LuckyGanz)  love getting your Farewell messages..keep sending them</div>

02/06/2015 12:34:46: <div>Hi FFGers</div><div>As you might have heard FFG will be shutting down the site by March 15th. Please feel free to send me, LuckyGanz, your Farewell messages   I always like hearing from you!  xo  :) N</div>

02/01/2015 18:41:45: <div>Wigs and Make-up also...!!! :} N</div>

02/01/2015 18:35:16: <div>So many  VIP items are up!, wigs and jewlry just became availabel...Check it out there is only a limited amount!  FFG farewell away!  :) N</div>