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The Golden Globes 2013
1/12/2013 13:50
Start off 2013 by looking at my gorgeous older sister @*KittKoralis* Golden Globe dress right now before the Golden Globes are over....as usual she always looks stunning, best dressed and nicely put together, well done sis.

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Kitt's Closet
10/21/2012 16:32
My older sister Kittrina Koralis's @*KittKoralis* closet is amazing, personally better than mine, but OMG you guys should check out her Dresses, they are sooo amazing, especially the champaigne creme prom dress with the little silver clips on it. All i wear is brown and creme colors basically, or pastels. She likes to wear more unique clothes with patterns and edge, but still creme and pastel colors. Still as of today, I would always be inspired by her closet.

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9/9/2012 21:06
My older sister Kittrina Koralis is coming to FFG now, and so is her bff and cousin of Vyella Nerauvia (diamondbliss*8080) are both going to be FFG members, yay so excited!......Me, Ombre, and Vyella especially can't wait to see our family come to FFG, Ombre is practically part of our family cause we r so close.

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The Olympics
7/30/2012 16:36
I am a huge Olympic fan and even though I'm not American, I still vote for the USA because I'm mixed with too many different cultures to stay true to one at the Olympics, even though Ryan Lochte didn't get gold for USA in the relay, he got gold for himself before that...lol, Michael Phelps looking disappointed afterwards doesn't make sense, because he was the natural disappointment, winning gold in Beijing and not even getting a bronze in London, so far none on him besides the the relay team's silver.

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The Cremes of Elegance
7/19/2012 15:54
My Store and fashions are all about comfortable, pastel, glittery, rich fashions.....come check it out when i have something in it,LOL....I'm Korral Leila Koralis btw

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