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The Blog about.... ANYTHING
7/22/2012 16:48
Debate anything! What mishaps celebrities made in this weeks unfashionable event
The Romney Obama Campaign
Or how this or that movie sucked.
What headlined the news, and what didn't,
And of course, the upcoming London Olympics - who are THE favorites to win and who are YOUR favorites to win.

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08/18/2014 23:22:36: <div><strong>Check for New Design Contest starting soon.  Get Ready for Back-To-School!</strong></div>

07/17/2014 11:31:35: <div>Hurry and enter the DESIGN CONTEST - Beach Party outfit!!</div>

07/06/2014 22:38:31: <div><img width=\"60\" height=\"60\" align=\"left\" src=\"/uploads/fckupload_1404700557.jpg\" alt=\"\" />Hi evreryone, Hope you had a great 4th of July weekend!  New designs for all..check it out.  Earn FBz\'s just by voting on the DIVA CONTEST!!  Have fun.</div><div> :) N</div>

05/25/2014 10:43:39: New Contest..New designs and new store items!! HAPPY SUMMER!

05/17/2014 09:39:42: <div>New Designs for all players!!</div>