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Warm Up Comfy Knit for Fall
10/2/2012 23:59
These are absolutely a necessity for survival in the fashion world! These hats that come in all different shaps and colors keep your head warm and you fashion outrageslycalive! :D I love knit that's are bright obnoxious and colorful but it's best to stick with fall colors ;3

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Bracelet Wear
8/8/2012 09:49
Honestly, bracelets never go out of style they are only designed differently to fit in with today :)! Like jangly bracelets and bangles have recently come back in! ;) I do have some myself but wen I dot want to be a distraction I dont wear them because the hoops ones are loud xD but beside that silly bands are pretty knew and a creative way to be colorful .There are always bracelets out there that match your outfit so they are the perfect accessory for a fashion diva. Just don't wear too much because it hand needs oxygen lol >.^ thanks for reading ;)

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Ruby Red Lips
7/24/2012 17:34
These lips are perfect for fair skinned people (no offense) it really highlights there features. Stars who look good with ruby red lips include Scarlett Johansson Rose McGowan and Amanda Seyfried.

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Bubbly Bubble Skirts
7/24/2012 17:15
They are so adorable!!! And purfect for the Summer :3 * num num num* it's Shopping time!

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 Status History 

08/28/2015 16:41:13: <div><strong>New Designs for all players!!  New Contests  Check it out.</strong></div>

08/11/2015 00:11:39: <div>Hi all FFG lovers</div><div>I am so sorry that FFG has not been as active as it use to be.  I love hearing from you all and letting me know how much you miss it.  I plan on spending some time looking for Some person or company who can afford to take it over so keep checking back!!  You are all so amazing.  Thank you for all your beautiful messages to me.  :) N</div>

03/29/2015 12:41:40: <div>Hi FFG Fans</div><div>Thank you for all your support.  If more of you keep signing up for a VIP membership I can keep FFG going. Any VIP membership will be honored and all of tyou will get your full term mambership.  In the meantime, please send your contest ideas to LuckyGanz and I will start using them in the FFG contests.</div><div>xoxo</div><div>: ) N</div><div> </div>

03/10/2015 22:00:36: <div><span style=\"font-size: medium;\">Hi All</span></div><div><span style=\"font-size: medium;\">Many of you have written to me, Lucky Ganz, asking me to keep FFG</span> <span style=\"font-size: large;\">up and running.  For those who want to help please keep designing and buying and selling and of course chatting with your buddies. I will soon do an email blast to the many players who have been on FFG over the years. If you would like to help</span> <span style=\"background-color: rgb(255, 255, 255);\"><span style=\"font-size: large;\">then send me an email to my in-game username, luckyganz</span></span>.. <span style=\"font-size: large;\">:) N</span></div><div>  </div>

02/07/2015 19:07:58: <div>EVERYDAY CHECK NEW ITEMS.  LOTS OF COOL DESIGNS FOR ALL PLAYERS.</div><div>I (LuckyGanz)  love getting your Farewell messages..keep sending them</div>