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Fabulous Finds: Braced Lets
8/8/2012 01:42
Fabulous Finds: Braced Lets - What do you think? I think " Braced Lets " are a wonderful , colorful accessory. You can use a " Braced Let " to bring out the smallest color in anything you wear. A small thing , can make a big difference. Get your braced let today (: , Don't wanna miss out on a fashionable item do you ?

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*** Ruby RED Lips
7/24/2012 16:46
First of all , the color red on some things in Gorgeous , When you have light colors , How about a red ? To Bring it out , MAKE IT NOTICEABLE. But Ruby Red Lips , Brings out the color in your face , & everything around your lips. Like , Majority of the time you would see celebs. W| RUBY RED LIPS , because its so fashionable , & that one thing , make a BIG thing. Try Ruby Red Lips today , For Your self.

-- Nice w| bubble skirts.

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7/22/2012 03:09
BUBBLE SKIRTS , like the trendiest thing out , now :O ! The most fashionable skirt , with alot of style & body. wow.. Lets get to designing & making some of our own ! Hopefully..

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7/1/2010 13:35
there is so much drama and cussin on ffg and chat can u people stop were loosing everything with out knowing it

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10/31/2009 18:26
I give thanks to all the fashion fantasy bloggers who are my friends

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03/12/2014 14:53:02: <div><strong><span style=\"color: rgb(51, 102, 255);\">NEW CINTESTS..DESIGN, DIVA AND STORE CONTESTS...SUBMIT NOW!</span></strong></div>

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02/21/2014 11:11:16: <div><img width=\"60\" align=\"left\" height=\"60\" src=\"/uploads/fckupload_1392998844.jpg\" alt=\"\" />Hi FFGer\'s.  Hope everyone is keeping warm!  It\'s been a snowy winter in the Northeast!</div><div>I LOVE all your TRENDSETTER  POSTS...when I see a great photo or video I will share it with all my FFG friends and more!  I especially love when you put up your FFG designs and videos!  Keep are AWESOME!</div>

02/06/2014 16:16:08: <div><img height=\"60\" width=\"60\" align=\"left\" src=\"/uploads/fckupload_1391721330.jpg\" alt=\"\" />Check out voting for Design Contest.  New Diva Challenge coming soon!</div>

01/15/2014 03:16:29: <div><img height=\"60\" width=\"60\" align=\"left\" src=\"/uploads/fckupload_1389757586.jpg\" alt=\"\" /> Thank you all for reporting the glitches!!  It should all be fixed within 24 hours or less!   :) N</div>