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Wooo HOOoooo
9/4/2011 12:37
I will be continuining the DD News Flash---- hooooorayyy!!!!!!!!

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The DD News Flash (4/24/11)
4/24/2011 19:50
The DD News Flash

Hey gamers!
Chek out my 2 stores- bunnysarecute1 (aber moose) and dds tees and things
(the username is first)

Tee shirts and accessories!
Oops, i almost forgot....... Fancy dress tops and Fancy dresses have been made this past week-- pik them up ASAP!

TRIVIA-- True or False?? There is a city on every continent named Rome.
FIRST person to answer correctly gets a $5.00 cafe item.

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Round 4: FFG Next Top Model!
3/21/2011 19:48
Hey everybodaay...... My career on FFG could use some new buyers in my showroom--- so stop on by! I am in the running for FFG's Next Top Model; (hosted by glamatomic) Also, in the slim and sleek contest, my model is the one with the brown, super curly hair, abercrombie top, leggings and red shoes! Pleeez vote for me!

Have a great night, gamers!

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12/28/2010 15:11

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