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Schoo1ofFashion Contest Winners & New Members! Also Hurricane update on members
9/1/2011 20:42
New members!

The results are in! Sorry about the delay, there have been some serious technical difficulties and everyone had to vote in this!
We voted and added it up and the top two are in! Thanks to ALL OF YOU for your time and efforts.
You are all welcome to change your passwords now and use your stores as you please.

The final scores are:

51.8 magicfire magicfire22
47.67 Raynbow VintageTacos
34.56 jillieswims mychicbotique
32.6 1026430 dEva Forever
29.79 yangster6 schoo1offashionyangster
28.06 queen bay theschoo1store
28 lemontart16 randomlypoppingbubbles
21.7 aapolyk Lovelylexieisme
18.08 Ishen1 ~*FES*~
disqualified funmibi is awesome Niccolette

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OMG!! The Schoo1 is accepting NEW MEMBERS!!!
6/20/2011 14:50
Schoo1ofFashion is accepting new members in honor of us reaching the goal of having 1000 friends...

It won’t be easy to join the Schoo1ofFashion…. to have access to a VIP account on the rise, a plethora of $2 store items, an ample supply of fbz to create the very best designs, and last but certainly not least, collaboration with some of the very best minds on FFG.

If you aren’t going to put in effort, stop reading right now.

The schoo1offashion is holding a CONTEST (which will primarily be run by Pugschoo1 but which will include input by all of our lovely members)!

In order to apply, you MUST fit at least one of the following REQUIREMENTS:

-Ranked 100 or lower as a designer or store owner on the account you are applying from

-1500+ friends on the account you are applying from


-A recommendation from a schoo1offashion member, which the schoo1offashion member sends from their email account to my (pugschoo1’s) email account. (not ffg account.)

If you can’t fit ONE OR MORE of the recommendations, please stop reading.

IF you do fit one of these recommendations, CONGRATS, you can enter the contest!

The Contest

-Everyone who fits at least one of the Requirements listed above can enter

-Applications are due by Monday June 27th (unless 20 people don’t apply by then, in which case the deadline will be extended)

-Applications must be either replies to this email OR entitled “Schoo1ofFashion”

- 3 new members will be accepted into the Schoo1ofFashion at the end of the contest

Steps in the Contest:

-Each contestant will create a new store account and then will be given three weeks to develop and promote it. Lots more information will be given to the contestants... don’t do anything about it yet. The best 10 contestants will go on to the next step

-Design challenge. On your current designer accounts (if you don’t have one you may create a new one), you will create a small collection. More information to come later, naturally. The best 5 contestants will go on to the next step

-Schoo1ofFashion members will vote to decide which 3 contestants will become new members.


Your (designer or store owner) rank:

Your number of friends:

Will a schoo1offashion member be sending in a recommendation in for you? (must be sent in by June 27th) If so, Who?

What other statistics and rankings should we know about you?

Have you ever been suspended? If so, explain why.

IMPORTANT Do you promise not to complain or whine if you are not chosen to join the schoo1offashion team?

Do you promise to keep the password secret and not to steal money our resources?

With the password to the schoo1 account, comes responsibility. You need to make designs, check mail, make new friends on this account as well as advertise and possibly buy from the school on your other account.

Are you up for the following responsibilities?

Although we like our members to be as involved as possible, each month you must at least:

-design AT LEAST one design

-help the school stay financially stable

-send one email about the school to all your friends on your other account


Do one of the following

-Buy 10,000 fbz worth of items from the school showroom

-Earn 200 or more coinz to be spent on $2 store items

-Buy 200 coinz or $2 of $2 store items

-Buy VIP for any length of time

-OTHER (idea must be approved)

Failure to comply will lead to eventual kicksy outies (but don't worry about that now, you haven't even gotten in yet!).

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Tips from Crim on how to be a successful designer. Oh yes, CRIM!
3/15/2011 18:34
Yup-o! It's me, Crim. This one's shared.. this schoo1offashion, but I'm at CrimsWorld, CrimsWorldDesigns, WigsNshoes, Separates by Crimsworld.
I'm everywhere... mwahaha!

TIPs. OMG I have tips. I have more tips than an iceberg.

GET store owner friends. If you don't have more than 400 you won't sell much.
Designer friends are great but store owners are awesome. Spend half of each ffg day sending out frs to stores and CATALOGS.

Get a lot of new fabrics. If you're a vip, spend your time making great fabrics and uploading them. You wont need anything bigger than 300x300 size for most things. That should even cover those long dresses. You can go down to 150x150 for most shorter things though. You can download textures off of google but they have to be .png files. Most of the ones you'll find aren't so you'll have to change em. If you don't have photoshop most folks use gimp, which is free. look it up. You can make fabrics or chage their colors and sizes or just change em into .png fiels with that. Careful! If you don't have em in the right format or zise they won't work and they'll just sit there staring at you in your account forever. There's no way to delete em.

If you're not a vip (even for a month to get the benefits for a little while) then you'll have to work extra hard. Look for designers who are selling their fabrics in their my stuff or library section. Sometimes you can even trade them! Having great fabrics will help to make everything look less like a cartoon.. which folks seem to like.

Try to notice ffg trends before they happen. Talk to people and pay attention to contests. Make sure to buy something from stores that spend fbz on you. Remember your best customers.

Be careful when designing not to spend all of your fbz at once. If your designs are layered, make sure that they fit the model and that one isn't showing through the next. try to make a mix of outfits and separates. Don't overcharge for your designs. Remember that store owners have to mark up your prices in order to make fbz, so try to price your so that you're making at least 25fbz with each item but don't make it so that store owners have to charge a ton because no one will buy it.

That should get ya started!


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More 'Bout Da Schoo1 of Fashion
3/1/2011 19:37
Hey Everybody!
Da Schoo1 just wanted 2 teach u more bout wut we do here.
1. We 'zine in all different patternz, ideaz, 'n our own special touches!
2. We meet new people and make wonderful friendz!
3. We become more and MORE prosperous each and every day with the help of our buddiez!

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An Official Schoo1ofFashion Guide to Spending 1000 coinz
3/1/2011 18:06
A lucky 20 just won 1000 coinz for winning the Cupid Contest. Assuming these are the first $2 store items you will ever buy, here is the official schoo1offashion guide for getting the biggest sizzling bang for your buck (errrr, coinz):

1) Pink Lace Tights... 100 coinz... because nothing completes a simple dress like crazy tights, and with these you can add some flowery hoes without making the cost of your design skyrocket. Be sure to try these out with your patterns, too!

2)Pucker Up Fruity.... 50 coinz.... because they are affordable and add the right amount of sass to just about anything.

3)Glittery Eyes... 125 coinz.... because I would die without glitter.

4)Cleopatra Eyes (the white ones) .... 100 coinz.... because not only do these give you the perfect raccoon eye, they also are a blank canvas for whatever eye shadow you like. Try layering these over the glittery eyes!

5)Long Straight Hair (the white one)… 200 coinz… because this wig looks cool with pretty much everything!

6)Special Boots… 150 coinz… because you can make these sweet or tough.

7)Pumps… 100 coinz… because they can be used to give any shoe a platform heel. Yummy!

8)Platform Pumps… 100 coinz… because simple + wow = amazing.

9)Long Hair Bangs (the white one)… 50 coinz... because they are a cheap way to transform any bang-less wig! Be sure to use this with the “long straight hair” wig.

Wow…. that brings us to 975… you have 25 coinz to spare!

If you have a little more money to spend, I find the following are also indispensable when designing:

10) Skinny Cargoes (the white ones)… 200 coinz… because dictator chic is awesome.

11) Fuchsia Cleopatra Wig… 125 coinz… because dictator chic is still awesome.

12)Pug… 200 coinz… because this list is by pugschoo1 :)

So in total, you need 1500 coinz to have an out-of-this world $2 store item collection. Hopefully there will be another coinz-earning contest soon!

Pleased by this list? Questions? Want more advice? Disagree (what are YOUR indispensable items?) Just send the schoo1 a quick message!

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