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Fashion Ofcourse!
6/8/2011 11:46
I'm here to tell you the disses and dishes of fashion. Tip#1: Never ever wear leggings under shorts ever. That's so last YEAR!!! Tip#2: Dresses are only cute at dances and proms! So stop wearing them to school girls!!! It's just stupid!!! Last tip of the day!!! Tip#3: If the shirt is low, wear it like that! STOP wearing tank tops under it Natalie!!!!!!!!!
Your fashionista in love and style,

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The Fashion Update
6/7/2011 15:18
Im here to tell you all about the saying ''Living in the mo!'' and what this saying has to do with fashion in the MO! All the latest fashions start right here in Paris! So you should always shop in Paris first! That's why I chose to live here in Paris! To let everyone know how I always have the best fashions First!
Your stylist in need and in fashion, Snow14

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