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love advice!?
6/27/2011 21:29
okay so this girl said that in 5th grade this boy wacked her with a spoon or somthing and made fun or her zit! and now (she is 16) he asked her to a dance (in the summer??) so she asked a lot of people if she should say yes and i said...
*uhh...well it all depends on you thats what i have to say...but if he said that to me then ask me a dance i would say, "your a jerk and if you dont mind i'd rather go by myself then someone like you!" and it doesnt matter if he is super cute it only matters that he is nice and thoughtful and maybe smart....cute will also be a plus but it wouldn't really if you want to go to the dance with him go...but its your choice only you can make it not anybody else. good luck." *
I thought i was right but she decided that she was going to say yes....
was i wrong!

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Fashion Fun.
6/8/2011 21:00
Fashion can be anything you want it to be. There is no right or wrong go out bye clothes...and when you get home challenge your self to see how many amazing look you can get with what you have! SO GO OUT AND MAKE FASHION FUN! :)

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