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1,000FB Celebration Giveaway
3/31/2015 16:25
so I, cutiefashionista, decided that I should host a celebration giveaway for keeping FFG up of 1,000FBz to each and every player who joins and follows the rules accordingly:

-Send a friend request to ♥CharityLovers♥
-Buy at least 5 items (all items are under 150FBz)
-Send a friend request to cutiefashionista

In just 3 easy steps you could earn 1,000FBz and maybe even a shopping spree if your items are nice! Reply back if you would like to parti[blocked]te thank you guys so much!


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color outside the lines
2/27/2015 15:46
"She lives her life afraid of making mistakes, afraid of coloring outside the lines because that's what she's been taught to do her whole life. And she doesn't know how else to approach it. But sometimes coloring inside the lines forces you to settle for something less than what you would've received if you had taken the risk. We learn at a young age how to color inside the lines, but when do we learn that it's okay to color outside as well?"

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Fabulous Finds: James Murray
11/23/2014 16:54
Fabulous Finds: James Murray - What do you think?

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Giveaway Update
11/12/2014 21:14
So basically I haven't been on FFG in so long oh my god but whatever haha

I didn't go on all of October because of school and stuff and yea the one year anniversary of my charity account ♥CharityLovers♥, which I created for breast cancer passed but I'm still extending the end date of it.

Basically, I'm giving away 100 THOUSAND FBz to celebrate this one year anniversary! If you would like to join, add your user to this list and I will randomly pick someone to receive the money on November 14,2014!

1. mickaela191
2. jonesgirl143
3. juliejuju
4. fondmagasin
5. X_taylor_X
6. jonesgirl143
7. kutii10234
8. crystal_coral
9. 158724
10. redvelvet99
11. babycakez12345

Good luck! ♥
-CF :) xx

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9/16/2014 22:14
It's nearly a full year of having my charity account ♥CharityLovers♥ and I wanted to celebrate by giving away 100 THOUSAND FBz !!! If you would like to join, add your user to this list and I will soon randomly pick someone to receive the money!

1. mickaela191
2. jonesgirl143
3. juliejuju

Good luck! ♥

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 Status History 

04/04/2016 17:35:16: <div>Hi Everyone.</div><div>FFG is going to be relaunched.  We will be starting the development very soon. Please send in all your ideas to Luckyganz within the site or to [email protected]. Thank you!  :) N</div><div><img alt=\"\" src=\"/fckeditor/editor/images/smiley/msn/regular_smile.gif\" /></div>

01/28/2016 21:28:45: <div>Time to vote on Design Contest!!</div>

01/02/2016 18:00:37: <div>Hi, iit\'s me, LuckyGanz wishing you all a happy & healthy New Year!</div><div>I am hoping to re-launch FFG in 2016 so keep checking in.  Check for new contests now.</div><div>:) N</div>

08/29/2015 14:15:56: Charity Store is reopened, go add ♥CharityLovers♥!! -CF♥ i love you all please message me if you'd like :)

08/28/2015 16:41:13: <div><strong>New Designs for all players!!  New Contests  Check it out.</strong></div>