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Oversized Sweaters!!!
1/18/2013 10:00
Sometimes the perfect dress is not the way to go on a chilly winter day. Over a dress, you sport a coat which could make you feel hot instead of looking hot! The best remedy for getting your chic on is pairing an oversized sweater with a pair of tights or slacks. This look can be topped off with a cute hat, either small and sassy or larger and sophisticated. Further accentuate your fashionable day with a scarf or wrap and some [blocked]y boots. You're sure to be the talk of the town! Visit 2abattle for more jazzy looks.

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Super Snazzy Oford Flats!!!
1/18/2013 02:22
I saw the pic for the Oxford Flats and let me tell you, they are the cutest in easy wear looks! I can imagine a beautiful day at the beach. I'd be rockin' my flats with a spaghetti strap tank and some capri shorts. My flat would definitely have to match my top. My bag would be a woven mini with a shoulder strap. As I bopped in and out of the local shop on the strip, I'd hear the envious murmurings of passersby...

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Why I am Playing This
7/29/2012 01:37
I really wanted to play Fashion Week Live on FB. It still will not load. I found this game after the apetite for fashion gameplay was awakened. The graphics on the other game seem to be really advanced. This one is not too bad but still want to play the other one. I will check to see if it loads yet again and again...

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 Status History 

04/04/2016 17:35:16: <div>Hi Everyone.</div><div>FFG is going to be relaunched.  We will be starting the development very soon. Please send in all your ideas to Luckyganz within the site or to [email protected]. Thank you!  :) N</div><div><img alt=\"\" src=\"/fckeditor/editor/images/smiley/msn/regular_smile.gif\" /></div>

01/28/2016 21:28:45: <div>Time to vote on Design Contest!!</div>

01/02/2016 18:00:37: <div>Hi, iit\'s me, LuckyGanz wishing you all a happy & healthy New Year!</div><div>I am hoping to re-launch FFG in 2016 so keep checking in.  Check for new contests now.</div><div>:) N</div>

08/28/2015 16:41:13: <div><strong>New Designs for all players!!  New Contests  Check it out.</strong></div>

08/11/2015 00:11:39: <div>Hi all FFG lovers</div><div>I am so sorry that FFG has not been as active as it use to be.  I love hearing from you all and letting me know how much you miss it.  I plan on spending some time looking for Some person or company who can afford to take it over so keep checking back!!  You are all so amazing.  Thank you for all your beautiful messages to me.  :) N</div>