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layla360275 says:
can add spice to any outfit

jasfame says:
Who ever herd of that kind of watches maybe its a cake watch I dont know reply back if you know.

i am cool r u
lilly28 says:
help i dont know what chunky watches mean any1 tell I just want the fbz.

   Pink Roses
rosiebubbles321 says:
Chunky Watches are awesome!!!

awesomesk says:
Chunky watches are a BIG YES!!! They are cute with suits and formal dresses!! :)

 fabby fashions
fabbyfashionfreak says:
i love classy and chunky watches there so in!

in Paris 
frenchie le Paris designer says:
Chunky Watch otherwise known as "Chunky Bling" or "Chunky Couture" is great for the very creative designer because you can build your
own watch.

Fashionnista260wala says:
Chunky watches are... um... well, IDK!!!! Fashion Fantasy just told me to do this, no details... so, I'm guessing they are watches really chunky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Swag Forever
fashionismy says:
Chunky watches are a good element it makes your arm look really nice. Through on some jeans and a plain white shirt through on a sparkly or colorful watch and you look nice.

 The Fashion      Crew
The Fashion Crew says:
if u think these r cool, then u obviosly dont own a slap watch.

Beautiful2TheBone says:
chunky watchs are super cool and add a bold statment to any outfit

Ruby_16 says:
I'm half half on the idea of chunky watches.I like them because they don't pinch the hairs on your arm and I don't like them coz they're
SO FREAKING BIG!!!!!!!!!!!! Bye :)

S U N says:
What's with them lately? I think there are weird. Although they earn me 100 FBz!

FFG Donations
FFG Donations says:
watches are awesome

I'm not seen a lot
Invisibleme says:
I don't think I could ever do watches no matter what people say. I would stick with simple or fun teenage ones

wishkid the best
wishkid says:
i really hate chunky watches. wats the point.

Domo1914 says:
Awesome watch!

shallin's simple but stylish collection.
shallin666 says:
well classy watches really r so classy.i mean that it makes u look smart and chic isn't it.and ofcourse u can see time as will go with a very classy evening outit. i mean with long trousers of nearly light brown color and a high neck sleeveless top of nearly prussian blue color a golden watch will look cool.try it.

pinkluciouslips says:
I Love Chunky Watches ! They Go With Almost Everything !

kekawesome13 says:
Chuncky watches are in !!!!!!! And they r more cute than ever.

Marjorie03 says:

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PinkFridayFan says:
I really like watches but not really these this time. I feel like their for men and I would stick with bright fun light colored ones.

Best Fashion Dresses
cutiefashionista says:
chunky watches are nice with a black suit or a dark formal dress

Zonnique18 says:
These types of watches look so weird.

jasfame says:



Fashionlover1234567890 says:
If there is one accessory that can’t be missed in both women’s and men’s wardrobes, it must be a killer watch!

From precious metals to neon plastic, big and bold watches have been are a hot accessory. Wear it as a statement piece, delicate bracelet or a piece in your arm party.

*The Garden of Fashion*
*The Garden of Fashion* says:
chunky watches are qt

Fashion Fantasy
Sweetvanillacake says:
Hey everyone, its been a while since I posted but I just saw something that I had to blog about. CHUNKY WATCHES!!! They are the new cool. Go find one, it doesn't matter where, just look for one and be a part of this new trend.
See y'all later :)

Feel LIke A Model
dollbaybee19 says:
Chunky watches<3

Lilylove04 says:
Just like a bracelet! It's cute and you can tell time! How could they get any better?

LOL says:
love the gold watch

     ~Remember Summer~


RememberSummer1216 says:
So the new topic is "Chunky Watches", huh? Well, here's the scoop from the girl who's known as the fashion expert among her friends and family.
Chunky watches-or really, watches in general-have never really been "in style" to me. If they are big and overly blingy, it tends to look more like
a men's watch. If you are going to wear a watch, make it slim, elegant, and more of an accessory than a bold focal point in your outfit. Thanks for reading!

Zebragirl86 says:
the same exact thing happens to me! anyone?! oh and i thing the chunky watch trend is kewl i already have a few

Crystal McClannin
CrystalMcClannin says:
Classy watches are also very nice too. The make you look chic and totally fabou I would recommend it to anyone really but mostly for people who have a classy style and who are more sophisticated. They go with a whole lot of things and are so to die for.

 HipChic100 says: Look snazzy in these super comfy out of the box shoes! Oxford flats are super stylish and super cute! Did someone say throw-back? 
SecretBeauty99 says:
Snazzy Oxford flats are ALL the rage these days!!

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PinkFridayFan says:
They look really good and I would love to wear them. Their like dance shoes and I LOVE dance clothes.

Swag Forever
fashionismy says:
I personally think that oxford flats are unstylish. There not cute. They remind me of the 1920s.

Zonnique18 says:
One way to make your outfit go back to the 1920s!

2abattle says:
I saw the pic for the Oxford Flats and let me tell you, they are the cutest in easy wear looks! I can imagine a beautiful day at the beach. I'd be rockin' my flats with a spaghetti strap tank and some capri shorts. My flat would definitely have to match my top. My bag would be a woven mini with a shoulder strap. As I bopped in and out of the local shop on the strip, I'd hear the envious murmurings of passersby...

who says your not perfect
brownie001300 says:

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CandyOutlet says:
Oxfords go best with casual-wear, and look totally fabu with khakis, if you can pull it off.

linz1000 says:
not so sure i would buy them

 fabby fashions
fabbyfashionfreak says:
omg, oxford flats are awesomely adorable!!!!

Fresh, sweet designs sure to satisfy your sweet tooth
CandyOutlet says:
Check these out!

Diamond Tiara says:
Hey Divas!
Blazers are very in this season. Maybe a neutral color, like navy blue, with a red trim, or vice versa. These lovely jackets are not only to keep you warm, and can do much more than be worn with a pencil skirt and heels! Shorts in a matching palette will do just fine, but don't forget: similar colored jeggings or skinny colored jeans!

Caution:Wear with attitude, or effect is ruined. Must be worn with interesting purse or attention grabbing accessories, like charms or bangles.
Have a great day!

                        Stay Cute 
                         Be Original 
mymygol143 says:
Whats Trending everywhere well im here to tell you!!! COLORFUL BLAZERS , and MAXI SKIRTS!!! dont forget ANKLE BOOTS and PULL-OVER HANDBAGS!!!!!!

Zonnique18 says:
Just Fabulous!

SecretBeauty99 says:
Blazers look simply fabulous when paired with dark jeans, and a pair of super cute flats!!! :)

cute new fashion
graceme101 says:
Blazers are the new fashion trend you can where them with anything!

chasinrainbows111 says:
i love bold blazers

Chinese Fashionista says:
My friends have some blazers in many different colors like neon green or bright red. They look so beautiful and they just POP out of their outfit!

shallin's simple but stylish collection.
shallin666 says:
In our school we have blazers of red is not that good but we have to wear that in winters.i don't like them at all cause they r very uncomfortable.but actually its makes our school uniform look i think we should wear.i know its not that warm but it makes our uniform look smart and complete.

Elizabeth Lily
Fashion Fun
Elizabeth Lily says:
So guys blazer are totally in this season and I think they are because they are add a touch of business to any look



peace for all
Vonna10 says:
I know nobody wants to wear a blazer in like January, but the ones I'm talking about are not only comfortable are pretty .

Swag Forever
fashionismy says:
Get yourself a blazer they can be worn with a basic t-shirt. And some skinny jeans.The best part is it'll look like you did a lot. When you didn't.



cupcake1999! says:
Blazers are the newest and cutest thing around! So easy to dress something up with one!

Urban Love <#
FashionFox411 says:
Blazers have a magical effect on clothing if i do say myself. They can transform a punk rock look into a professional work outfit, or a soft pale look into an edgy and loud outfit. See what i mean? Not only are they so easy to style they are super comfertable and stylish.
Check out my collection on Polyvore!

HipChic100 says: A smart blazer is one of the smartest staples every fashionista needs in her closet. Look polished in a classic black or go bold with a bright punch of color.
NGigi says:
Oversized Sweaters are so cute and cuddly. It's cozy and warm and can be worn with skinny jeans!

mon1key says:
oversized sweaters are great because the bigger the better because they keep you warm better

CarterGirl Crazy
Inspired By Gaga
CarterGirlCrazy says:
Oversize Sweaters. A BIG No. I makes you look baggy and dingy. Totally not a style.

lovepinkalways_143 says:
they are so cute

SingDanceLove says:
They're totally cute! I own like, five in neon colors that are oh-so-adorable!!