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VintageBubbles says:
Although I'm new to this. I am not new to the fashion industry. Fashion is my life. Even though I'm not the girliest girl in the bunch, I know my way around and I have my own style to show....HELLO WORLD! 

lezsoccergirl04 says:
Well hey, I just started this so I'm not sure how good this will be. I love writing lyrics and rock n roll and i try to incorporate those into my fashion. If you have any ideas for me just let me know!

FashionFistah says:
I am watching America's Next Top Model

boss ladyy
dboss396 says:
nicki minaj is the best i want to be with her when i'm a celeb

u ready to party well this is the person for ur cloths
lilmoma0 says:
i have a new outfit out called lemond lime is is so hot and i comes with a wig!

Sanrio Barbie Couture
Sanrio Barbie says:
I am obsessed with Hello Kitty. From shirts, purses, shoes,  and bags to toothbrushes, cups, pencil cases, and pillows, that adorable iconic cat is everwhere to be seen. I love her. :)

Singer19404 says:
Hey Guys! I am a singer and im looking for a hot design. anyone wanna help me out? Let me know! Thx

*veryrandomgrrl*:o says:
I haven't been on in a long time! So it's new designs time! I'm starting a Summer Line called SummerShine! Message me if you want me to make you a design or if you have any ideas on what I could do on a design! Have a great summer!

BenFabulous says:
I love to shop but I can never remember who is a store owner and who is a designer. I want to support my friends first rather than going to the shopping districts and shopping at random. I wish that the friends list was coded in 2 colors: one for designers and one for store owners.
I just created a bunch of SuperSale items. These will mostly be outfits (but I have a few separates for 8fbz too). The Supersale outfits are on sale WAY below what they cost to make. Most of them have CUSTOM fabrics.. meaning that they are one of a kind.
These are in my showroom and the most realistic looking ones are on sale at FABrique. Showroom prices are as cheap as FFG allows.
HIP CHIC 100 says:  My friend and I have just been going over all the Prom details;...we had our nails done; we've been pouring over magazines and then we practiced our make-up and hair styles...  This website helps us explore different styles and designs we'd like to try to put together for the Big Dance!  My favorite is a long dress and hair that's up - my friend goes for a short dress and long hair!  What's your Prom pick?
Snow 14
snow14 says:
Im here to tell you all about the saying ''Living in the mo!'' and what this saying has to do with fashion in the MO! All the latest fashions start right here in Paris! So you should always shop in Paris first! That's why I chose to live here in Paris! To let everyone know how I always have the best fashions First!
Your stylist in need and in fashion, Snow14

sassyfashon101 says:
i was thinking maybe there could be a remote controle back pack that could follow u and u could customize it anyway ud like cause i mean come on who gets tiered of plain old bags u have to pick with a desighn already on it!!   how bout a website where u pick everything?   also u wouldnt have to pick it up or pull it along! thats what i call a ideal backpack!


kayjroxz says:
As a cheerleader, fashion is a pretty big part of my life but as a cheerleader and a performer it is even bigger. I wish I could do this stuff for real.

 Cat Daddy Fashionz
Tamaya1357 says:
Hi to all the fashion divas out there im new so im just getting started with my fashion fantasy diva. Im having lots of fun so far though.

DeeDeeluv98 says:
I love singing and fashion and when I grow up I wanna be just like Selena Gomez.

yana pooh


yana pooh1998 says:
this is a cool way for girls to show and prove their real fashion ablilities and to have fun with fashion and colors

Bell4Eva says:
Fashion can be anything you want it to be. There is no right or wrong go out bye clothes...and when you get home challenge your self to see how many amazing look you can get with what you have! SO GO OUT AND MAKE FASHION FUN! :)

zimgirl says:
Username: SAVSNYJets Shope name: Shannon a.v. Smith
the store owner mentioned above bought 13 designs from my showroom. And i am really really gr8ful to that person. Thats why i am giving them a big shoutout on my blog.
The other shoutout goes to my FFG friend Dahlia1990 who owns the shop Dahlia's Classic Clothes. She bought 4 items from my showroom and m also grateful to her.
Now i am hoping those designs sell out quickly and dat they come back for more. Lol, more money for me. More money for them.
Getting closer to my goal. :)

superpurplexx says:
Lady Gaga has the most funkiest creative clothing of all time i LOVE it !!! I wish i had the guts to go out into the world to show off my assets lol !!!
ONE day i will though ^_-

Salazar Slytherin Boutique 
DreamPearl95 says:
Only Day ONE of my very own Harry Potter, Slytherin themed store, representing Dark Wizards around the globe, LOL.

sophrox776 says:
SHINE is the newest shop in town! It has all the newest designs but if we don't have the right thing you're looking for just send me a message and it'll be in store in the next week! Please add me if you are interested in having a chat about the shop or designs etc...thankyou!

roxanne18 designing clothes for all teens
roxanne18 says:
I honestly think u should go shopping at Casey's Closet. It has lots of nice clothes and shoes. There are other stores to but I like Casey's Closet better!

fashionkrazy says:
Fashion is a whole world itself. Inside it are citizens who feel as everywhere they go is a runway. As they strut down that run away other people stop and stare to embrace the beauty of it all. Welcome to the world of fashion.


Ve Chic


lindsey12apple says:
I just started this game and its fun so far..I love all the fashion designers out there!

sophrox77 says:
Hello! I have just opened my new shop 'SHINE' today so please take a look! I can guarantee tht everything in there is a gorgeous design and would be seen on the catwalk anywhere. If you would like me to place your design(s) in my shop then please send me your catalog and I would happily have a look and maybe purchase your design(s). Thankyou!

Style in Paris
Cali Girl Designer says:
Fashion is my world. One day I will travel the world and design all new type of clothes! this is my life long dream!

Vannesa Glammer says:
I just entered the Your diva in blue challenge woohoo I love designing and whats great about challenges is that people vote to see if they like your designs!
ajaaaay says:
Ever since i was a little little girl i have always dreamt of being a famous fashion designer! I want to walk around the streets and see people in my clothes that i have designed...
AuTuMnaL says:
Fashion is ALL about statements , to be someone you MUST be daring and dangerous , fashion designers are rebels , daring to go where others don't won't or just can't .
Fashionista12 says:
I am toatally loving this designing thing-- its giving me new ideas for my sketches!

flowerbank1515 says:
Too have a the meter on hot is to have the Lastest clothing and to be on every day!!!!!!!!!!Have lots of friends
janicegirl123 says:
This is the store where you would find the looks you love at amazing prices.  Also there will be alot of nice trends you will like and it costs less which it a good thing.  And lastly my store is Amazing!!!!

MinajGirl8 says:
My favorite singer of the day is Adele. I love her sooo much! New album Adele21. Also check out my 2 fav songs that she sings from her album "Rolling in the deep", "Rumor has it" and my fav out of the 3 is "Someone like you". Please check them out, you'll really love it!

capdesighner98 says:
So 2012 is soposed to be a big biker-punk-leather thing, so to savor the brights one last time. Ill try to post one group each week, this weeks is.....................
If you have brown hair and pale skin
Rompers and suspenders(skirt suspenders girls not pants)

haunter says:
just wanted to make things clear if you see me put drawings up here i like to say these drawings are NOT mine these drawings are made by tim burton i put these drawings up because i'm in love with his art they're so cool!
sporty_lover_101 says:
Prepare for the most amazing clothes to come into the store FeRgIlIcIoUs!!! :)
The most high top fashion!
U can only get them at this storeeeeee. U better buy! Before we run oout!

EllieHudson says:
my style is very chick like and fabulous --i love it when the fabrics in clothes smell and feel like heaven!

nickiminajbarbs says:
Nicki Minaj's Barbs is a unique boutique where there's only one of every kind, every color,every fashion fantasy outfit you could ever think of. This is a place where you can be DIFFERENT!!!!<3

Cowgirl1996 says:
Hi Everyone! Here's Some Of The Latest Cowgirl News. Enjoy And Remember To Follow My Blog! -Cowgirl1996
I Have Some Awesome New Designs In My Showroom! Check Them Out!
New Two Dollar Couture Items!
I'm A VIP Again...So I Once Again Have Access To Fun Designs & Awesome Fabrics!
Keep Up With My...
*Harry Potter Fan Club Entries
*Vogue-Style-Trend Entries
*39 Clues Mini Summaries Entries
And Read My Fun...
*Music Lyrics
For Fun News, Games, Recipes, And More Friend Request Me And Receive My Cowgirl Updates That Always Have Fun Tips. Recipes,
Games, Contest, Coupons, Music, And Of Course...The Latest FFG News!

daisy1226 says:
This year for Spring 2011, my theme is going to be Dazzle  Me Softly. ..with a mix of warm and bright colors intercepted with soft sparkles that blend together in floral and solid printing.

Sugar_cooki3 says:
causal sparks*** is a fun casual outfit you would were normally wether it's to work outside or a date!

VivianGirl says:
After a long hiatus in Northern California, yours truly is beyond thrilled to be back in her beloved New York City FOR GOOD! Let the games begin! Stay tuned, fellow fashionistas :)

VivianGirl says:
Every fashionista should have the wardrobe essentials for the everyday ensemble: a Classic Trench Coat, Basic black Jeggings, etc.
You can find some basics at my store: East Meets West located in NYC's Meatpacking District. GREAT SALE PRICES for basics going on during the first OPENING WEEK so get them while they're hot!
Not to mention some GORGEOUS garments that are seriously TRENDING THIS SEASON, for example: a Classic Knitted Chanel Suit Jacket in Jade, a shade that we saw again and again during fall fashion week.
That's only the beginning! Visit the store to find more, I promise you will not be disappointed :)

teamelmhurstrox says:
I love shopping! My favorite stores would be Aeropostle, Abercrombie,Justice,and Target. What are your favorite stores?

wigsNshoes says:
Lumusa is the bomb-diggity. I bought stuff from her before but I never noticed how much she rocks my socks! The chick-a-dee has some good stuff in that there showroom. Yup-o. Inventive, interesting, original.. colorful. I'm not bored!
I bought a bunch of her wigs for wigsNshoes too.

I also like this new designer ** all real gypsy designs Romashka
What a mouthful that name is! But I like the cut o her jib so far. She NEEDS TO MAKE WIGS for me. *HInt*

I noticed that my buddy benfabulous made a TRUCKLOAD of faces and makeup. Wow Ben, what's the deal with all of those faces?
I like the idea of seeing some new ones people's profile outfits, believe me. It's lookin kinda STALE with everyone havin the same face all o the time. But wow.. he must've worked on that for a whole week! I think I'll get some into crimsworld soon.. but this blog is about wigsNshoes, so I'll try to stick to the topic for once.

LUMUSA is my design pick o the week.

Vannesa Glammer says:
I'm starting to come up with more designs while thinking i thought of animal printed designs. I will have some out soon but for now i just have one in the dress section of my showroom. Let me know what you think and remember new clothes with animal printing with be out soon, oh also it's all fake fur.
GoDevon says:
wow oh wow i just made my account and im having fun already!! thanks so much to my friend who told me about this website!
Manniiaqq<3 says:
I am a female who knows what she wants in life. Who looks at the stars and visions success in her life. I not afraid to try, or to fail because I know that no matter what I will bounce back up and 10-times stronger. "The only thing I fear is being in fear."- My bestie

Jujufashion says:
Welcome! I'm a horseback rider and love designing! Please enjoy my designs!

HIP CHIC 100 says:  Spring is here and the heels have it!  My two new favorite heel styles are Kittens and Wedges!  Kitten heels are playfully cute and comfortable - I especially love a shiny patent slingback or a pretty patterned pump!  These look great with skinny capris or a swingy skirt.  For longer length skirts and wide leg pants, try a structured wedge sandal.  Cork or straw stacked; these come in some really cool neutrals and look and feel great!

senesta101 says:
i am going to be a super model when i grow up!
tinkerbell5658 says:
Come on down we are having a 50% off sale at Tinks Fashion!
laryn0105 says:
i love fashion fantasy game! i want to be a fashion designer when i grow up, and on this game,i can show people what i got...
and that's what i want to do.

miah24 says:
This fashion store is amazing I recommend it to many people with fashion sense... I'm not just saying this because it want people to come, I'm saying this because it true -- I want people who like to shop and like to look pretty alot -- that is why I'm putting this store up for them -- so now that i told you what i wanted to tell them i want everyone to come to my store and shop and i will put everthing in a low price for example i would put a very fashionable dress in at least $200.00 fb

ddpbl says:
Hey everybodaay...... My career on FFG could use some new buyers in my showroom--- so stop on by! I am in the running for FFG's Next Top Model; (hosted by glamatomic) Also, in the slim and sleek contest, my model is the one with the brown, super curly hair, abercrombie top, leggings and red shoes! Pleeez vote for me!

lillyanna21 says:
i would really like to be a veterinarian. i love animals and would love to take care of them. one day i want to own my own pet store with a veterinarian office in it... but until then im buying up all of the animals i can get to find out more about them!

Bandanaa says:
OMG.. this show is pretty awesome.. i just started watching it one da and i fell in love with it.. Jeannie Mia is a genious and her hair and style is wonderful.. i wish i had her clothes !!!!!

Sport_girl says:
Right now the fashion world is the best spot you could be in. Fashion week is going to be great this year many famous designers will be there. Also right now the flower are in for spring. Do you think that it is sandal weather yet? And is it heel time or flats? first one who answers will be able to help me with one new fabulous designs. And did you all hear that forever 21 and H&M are better places to shop for different and cuter ways to shop! And if you are looking for really cute flower skirts are now at Hollister, get them up while you can. Keep up with the fashion world every one because there will be for sure, many new designs coming up in the fashion world. By the way flower patterns are in right now.

ladybuggyduggit says:
The FFG contest "March Madness" is one of the best contests that i have seen fashion fanasty game i am so excited to be a ispart of this but the main part i love is looking for  your small little hearts!

HIP CHIC 100 says:  Calling all fellow hippies!!  My inner flower child is totally grooving on the floppy hats I'm seeing; either plain straw or stripes and colors - this look rocks!   Especially paired with some wide-leg jeans and an armful of colorful bangles!

Seni says:
Okay, flowers seem like this big thing with designers now that spring is here. But, I want to go agaisnt the norm so i'm not doing any flowers...
BenFabulous says:
 I made 43 new sets of makeup. They're faces that I made and put lipstick on or drew new lips or new eye shapes.
Why isn't anyone buying them? I have NO idea! I can't be the only one who wants to make my model look different and unique, can I?  I mean, I even put DIMPLES on one face. Dimples are cute!
I also made several outfits and separates for St Patrick's Day. Some of them are on sale now at FABrique. They're perfect for the green contest.
Right now I'm making a collection of "real girl" streetwear. Tank tops, T shirts.. that kind of thing. Stop by my showroom to see all of these HOT designs. Or hit FABrique to see as many of them as I can afford to stock!
Remember, FABrique carries only realistic looking clothing. I try to stock designs from as many designers as possible.
We have outfits from over 40 designers there.

senekagreenwood says:
So I am  trying to find who I really am, fashion wise. I have been recently experimenting with the Harajuku look and so far that has been going pretty well, about three people who I know have told me I look stupid but you know what I am different. and I think thats what makes this look perfect for me. Because why should I waste my life trying to fit in when I am born to stand out?

VintageForever says:
One of my favorite stores is Forever 21,their somewhat new collection called Prairie Blue is absolutely amazing.I love a lot of their clothes and they are really in style.  One of my favorite tops I ever got from there was grey with an owl on it.  They also have a lot of owl necklaces.  Here is where I confess my love for owls, they are wise and just plain awesome.   But since it's a short sleeved top, I can't wear it in the winter, it would look silly with a light long sleeve top underneath it or a turtle neck underneath it. Guess I just have to await summer to wear it again.

sienamilan123 says:
Roberto Cavalli, Prada, Burberry, hermes, bcbg maxazria, enzo agiolini, j.crew, versace, armani, dolce&gabanna, donna karan, alexander mcqueen, ralph lauren, christian dior, oscar de la renta, emilio pucci, jean paul gaultier, vera wang, and betsey johnson

PinkBow says:
Hey FASHION FANTASY DIVAS, one of my favorite stores is FOREVER 21. Some of you may know it and if you don’t know it this the website FOREVER21.COM... I love Forever 21 because they have many cute clothes. I love their bags. Their accessories are so girly; some have an ancient look to it and I just love it. Most of forever 21’s tops are cute, but when u go to the store they don’t have most of that items in there. I wish I could order it from online, but I don’t know how to and I need a credit card to that. Umm I’m not that big fan of their shoes, but I think I like two or four of their shoes…I’m 13 right now, but when I start working I might ask my mom to get me a credit card lol…..I also love SINGER 22, but I don’t think there’s a store near me. Besides SINGER 22, items are expensive. So, when I grow, I will be working so that means that I will be able to afford them. They have many cute items. I just feel like going shopping. Lol I am girl so yeah that’s y. And I am a shopaholic and I’m ok with that…I love clothes and dressing up…that’s two of the reasons why I joined FASHIONFANTASYGAME.COM and choose to be a designer. When you look at my designs, they have a little inspired looks from SINGER 22, FOREVER 21, DALIA, and the TEEN VOGUE MAGAZINE (my designs are colorful, bright, crazy, and unique)…etc

peanut020 says:
Today I just made my own profile for Fashion Fantasy and am super happy. I am a designer and love to design. Hope u guys check out my new store called A.L.E.

glamatomic says:
Hello and Welcome to the 2nd Edition of Glam's Retro Beauty Files! Classic and Vintage Style Tips updated for the Modern Girl! Enjoy!

Yours Truly,
xxx Glam von Dee
Glam's Retro Beauty Files #2nd Edition

The Product: Vaseline Petroleum Jelly
The Cost: $3-$4 for 13oz Jar
Where Do I Buy It?: Any major grocery store or pharmacy
What Does It Do? Vaseline Petroleum Jelly protects your skin from dryness, and keeps the moisture in! But it doesn't stop there... dab a little underneath your eyes before bed and it will reduce your chances of waking up with those evil 'bags under your eyes' and make you look more rested! You can also use it to soften your cuticles, soften your feet, or dab a little on your eyelids the days you want to go au naturale without makeup, and it will make you look fresh and glowing! And last but definitely not least- if you're out of Chapstick or Lipgloss, Vaseline is the perfect affordable alternative!
How Do I Use It? Put a little or a lot on your fingertips, and apply where needed!
How Long Does It Take? Beauty Routine Complete in less than 1 minute!

Tell Me More About It! Vaseline Petroleum Jelly dates back to the mid 1800s! It was originally a popular ointment for helping to heal cuts and burns, but the public soon quickly found other uses for this amazing product! It's made up of a mixture of minerals, and due to it's low cost it was a favorite on the homefront during World War II as a multi purpose beauty treatment. Dry Skin, Chapped Lips, Anti Wrinkle, Sunburn, it suffices for the lot! I've been told that a little on your eyelashes each night, will even help your eyelashes grow in fuller and longer!

And one last little bit of joy, a Vintage Vaseline Ad! Like it says, 100 uses! You definitely need some of this in your vanity, and I speak from experience!

chlooesibleey says:
Hey, i love fashion, and vintage;.. vintage is my life, anything vintage rocks, i love dressing people up, so if i go into town and go into topshop or newlook i will pick an outfit for my mate and she/he will go try it on, its the best, try it!   Fashion is amazming... when I'm older my job will be to do with fashion hopefully!

  HIP CHIC 100 says:  One of my favorite spring trends is the printed maxi dress paired with cool new wedges!  Forget the dark hues of winter and slip into a long and flowing column in a beautiful floral print....I think the strapless styles are the best and a metalic neutral color wedge shoe will complete your look!  People will be saying "HELLO SPRING!"

striders15 says:
Watching many old films has opened my eyes to a whole new world of fashion.  The vintage dresses from the 1800's and the bonnets are just adorable and so simple to make-- so come on live in the past!

ChampionGirl says:
I think FFG is one of the greatest games. I love designing my awsome trends and selling the for cheap prices.

oddchild says:
I just made a design that was inspired by the movie the King's Speech -- this outfit is a tribute to the movie for winning the best picure of the year award so i hope you guys love it!

Cowgirl1996 says:
1. Read Cowgirl1996's Blog
2. Play FFG
3. Go Shopping
4. Listen To Music
5. Get Ahead On Schoolwork
6. Read
7.Go To The Movies
8. Eat Candy
9.Practice Hairstyles
10.Play With Your Pets

ShayTooPretty says:
Ok. So hey guyys im kind of new to the whole fashion designing thing so......i could use the help and maybe some advice!

soccho19spr says:
Juicy Couture is one of my favorite brands of all time.... i love there new items with the fuzzy material on the purses...i do have one purse from juicy i also love their jewelry...i have many things from this la juicy! :)

Fleur de Lune says:
Okay, so basically, this spot is for when I find a new obsession or something that inspires me. So whenever I find something new, I'll write about it. So keep watching this space!

Schoo1ofFashion says:
A lucky 20 just won 1000 coinz for winning the Cupid Contest. Assuming these are the first $2 store items you will ever buy, here is the official schoo1offashion guide for getting the biggest sizzling bang for your buck (errrr, coinz):

1) Pink Lace Tights... 100 coinz... because nothing completes a simple dress like crazy tights, and with these you can add some flowery hoes without making the cost of your design skyrocket. Be sure to try these out with your patterns, too!
2)Pucker Up Fruity.... 50 coinz.... because they are affordable and add the righ